Six long years, and many attempts in the making, this legislation could possibly be passed in the US House of Representatives in 2020. It is a critical part of eliminating sex trafficking both in the United States and around the world. This would be done through the an annual review conducted by the US State Department that assigns a score on how countries are doing in the fight against sex trafficking, with potential economic sanctions on countries that are consistently ignoring the problem.

Get involved by writing your legislators via this online tool. Use the example text below to write your letter.

Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Ms.
As your constituent I want to bring to your attention, and ask you to co-sponsor, an important bi-partisan bill to combat sex trafficking globally called The Sex Trafficking Demand Reduction Act (HR 4326). Reducing the demand for commercial sex is the only effective way to prevent and eliminate sex trafficking and this bill will be an important and effective way to ensure our nation is doing everything it can to put pressure on countries around the world to take demand reduction seriously. Please co-sponsor and support HR 4326.
Sincerely, ear Mr. / Mrs. / Ms.
Your Name
Your City & State

Find more information on this legislation and the work that Exodus Cry did to keep pushing it along right here.

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